It is, I think, in the nature of man to want to understand things in order to get a grip on it. Inside me the desire grew to understand the world around me, to understand my vicinity. My field of interest is my own life, and the lives of the people around me. There are so many aspects that continue to fascinate me.
Since I only have access to my own thoughts, it is debatable whether I actually will get a grip on the world around me ... probably not ... but I want to see it anyway, experience it and analyze it.

I paint people in social settings, such as parties, bars and at friends homes. I compose a chosen moment where the interaction is often lacking and an isolation occurs within the social setting. An isolation of the people on the canvas, but also of myself. I'm on the one hand a part of the environment, included in the experience. At the same time I am a spectator who observes things. The moment of isolation creates a certain mystique, by which I'm fascinated.

In my paintings I work out certain fragments realistic. This shows the observing nature and stems from the desire to get a grip on 'reality'. In addition, some fragments are abstracted, blurred or rudimentary, which shows the irrational experience. You will be taken in a story full of details, but actually you know very little.
It shows it is only an illusion to have control on that so-called reality.